Samuel Baker

My name is Samuel Baker; I am a Husband to a beautiful lady called Elissa and a father to the curly haired and strong willed Rebecca. I am in love with my family as well as my work and the two things combined have showed me that every second of this life is worth valuing.

I have been working for a firm for the last 3 years now and my job is to help people with their debt management. I feel that this is the kind of job that gives me a lot of satisfaction. As of course you must be aware of, almost every one of us is stuck deep into debts and there are many reasons for this such as credit cards, checks, and mortgages. Now my job is to help people out in such a way that they can manage these debts in the best possible way so that they can live a debt free life. Of course, becoming debt free isn’t as easy as it sounds because there is a lot you have to do and that is exactly where I come in. The one reason why I truly love my job is because I get a sense of fulfilment because I get to help people and inspire them to do something which can make their lives better.

Other than my job, I love to try out new and adventurous activities as well. I have always loved to go hiking, bungee jumping and water skiing. The best thing is that much like me; Elissa loves to explore such activities as well. This is why our entire family makes time at least once in a month to do such fun and invigorating acts which lets us enjoy life to its fullest. So, this was all about me and the many things that I am passionate about.

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