Auto-Sales on the Rise in the U.S

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Auto-sales for the month of October in the United States of America were on the rise but did not rise with the momentum that was expected from the automobile industry. It, however, continued its recovery after showing a rise in the sales of automobiles by 5.7%. However, the rate of growth for the industry continues to slow down; despite having higher sales growth it is lower than it was in October the previous year, hence losing momentum in its recovery.

Chrysler Group, which is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles showed the best performance in the month of October compared to other auto-mobile companies in the market. It showed a rise of 21.7% in its monthly sales of October compared to the same time period in the previous year against an expected rise of 20%. The company stated that every model of it Ram, Jeep and Chrysler brands showed an increase in sales from the previous years. The Company’s best seller continued to be the Ram Brand. Boosted by the launch new cargo vans in its brand, it brought an increase of 33.5% in sales for the company, continuing to highlight its importance and potential for the company. Cherokee, a Compact SUV that was brought in to replace the liberty brought a bonus of around 152000 sales just a year into its release; it did not affect the purchasing of its other brands introduced in the market.

Jeep Brand sales were up by a staggering 52%, its best ever performance in the month of October. Year on year sales have now continued for an astonishing 55 months and that too consecutive.

Ford Motors CO. however continued its downward slump as it experienced a second consecutive year-on-year slump for the month. They were not helped by the fact that there was limited production of their bestselling brand, F-150 pickup trucks. Ford car sales also had a bad slump but were saved by strong utility vehicle sales, which saved their respect in the market. The industry, however, made a gain of 12% despite a fall in incentive spending as compared to the previous year. Honda Motors also made gains in the monthly sales for October but surprisingly they fell short of what was expected from it. It showed an increase of 5.8% as compared to the 7.7% that was expected from it in the industry. Nissan also made huge gains in the industry as the sales of its automobiles were up by 13.3% as compared to the estimate that had been put at 11%.

General Motors also suffered in the month of October from Cadillac, its lowest Volume brand but the Chevrolet volume was slightly up on grounds of strong pick-up as was the Cruz volume. The sales of General Motors were down by 1%. Volkswagen showed an 8% increase in sales for the month of November. Its uppercut division, Audi was up by 16.5% in its 46th consecutive month as the market was back on track for the road to recovery.


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