Americans in the Midwest Most Secretive About Credit Card Debt

credit card debt

There are many people across the United States who have or did have credit card debt and are secretive and embarrassed about it. However, according to a recent study carried out by Harris Poll those who live in the Midwest tend to be more secretive and embarrassed than those across the rest of America. Around 2,000 adults were polled as part of the study in total, which was carried out towards the end of last year.

The result of the survey have now been released, and according to the figures those from the Midwest are not only the most likely to be furtive or embarrassed about having had credit card debt but also the least likely to actually have this type of debt compared to people from other parts of the United States.

Midwesterners not keen on any debt

The figures from the study revealed that not only were those from the Midwest embarrassed about credit card debt but that they were not keen on being burdened with any type of debt. According to a breakdown of the figures, around 38 percent of people from the Midwest said that they would be too embarrassed to admit having credit card debt compared to 34 percent of people in the West and Northeast and 33 percent in the South.

When it came to any type of debt at all, over 60 percent of people in the Midwest said that they wouldn’t want to admit to it, which compared to 56 percent in the South, 52 percent in the West and just 47 percent in the Northeast. With these figures it comes as no surprise to learn that on average people from the Midwest tend to have good credit scores while people in some parts of the South tend to have amongst the lowest scored in the United States.

One industry official said that there were many reasons why people decided that they wanted to avoid getting into debt or were embarrassed about admitting to having any debt. She stated that one reason may have been because they came from a background where other family members such as parents had been saddled with debt so they had firsthand experience of what the effects could be and of the stigma attached to certain types of debt. She said that it could also be an emotional thing, as they may have had debt in the past and been made to feel ashamed about it.


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