Bad Credit Loans Become Target of Another Consumer Group

One consumer advocate group in Australia is urging greater public awareness in regards to the potential risks that come with payday loan lending. This comes as the country is in the middle of a debate relating to regulatory reforms of the bad credit loan lending industry. Credit Savvy presents the case that a lot more […]

Auto-Sales on the Rise in the U.S

Auto-sales for the month of October in the United States of America were on the rise but did not rise with the momentum that was expected from the automobile industry. It, however, continued its recovery after showing a rise in the sales of automobiles by 5.7%. However, the rate of growth for the industry continues […]

Canadian Government Imposing New Rules on Prepaid Credit Cards

The Canadian federal government is taking action to impose new rules on prepaid credit cards that Ottawa says is hurting the average consumer. Some of the measures the government announced Tuesday were the end to expiry dates to their value as well as ending charges for high fees just to keep the card active. According […]

How Conventional Loans Differ from Government Backed Loans

Conventional loans are debt instruments that are not backed by a federal agency such as the Veterans Administration, the Rural Housing Service or the Federal Housing Administration. Loans that are conventional loans tend to be conforming, as they stay within the guidelines established by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Loans that are non-conforming do not […]

Avoiding Redundant Exposure in an Investment Portfolio

As the public markets open up to facilitate new opportunities for personal investors to diversify their holdings into a new level of breadth, we need to spend more and more time keeping track of the great volume of positions that a portfolio has exposure to. Specifically, because of the scaling benefits presented by fund portfolios, […]

Understanding and Tracking Portfolio Positional Correlations

Positional correlations represent a power and misleading tool for investors to use for examining the implicit risks of their portfolio. These implicit risks are demonstrative of how it is vague market psychological patterns, as traders group specific securities together into batches that they will trade in unison. As these positions are traded in unison, their […]

How to Invest in International Equities

Historically, the average returns of investments placed internationally have greatly outperformed those in North America. Whether this is the result of a developing economy, a changing demographic, a currency or interest rate regime, or even the entrance of new companies into a market place, the opportunity to diversify internationally is an extremely lucrative one. That […]